Bear Hunting Guide

Wisconsin Bear Hunting Guides

My Bear Hunt takes place on mostly private land over baited stands in Zone A & D).

I allow a limited number of hunters (10) to assure a quality hunt. High success rates!

Bear baiting requires a lot of work over a 3-month period.  I place all my baits out in June. By doing this I not only get a jump on the baiting, but I attract the boars that are out looking for sows since June is their mating period.  This allows for multiple bears at each site. By putting my baits out earlier than most guides hunters, I can get the bear in a good routine and assure a hot bait for my clients.

I work hard to provide a successful quality hunt. I am an avid hunter myself, so I realize how important getting a permit is and work hard to make the most out of each hunt for my clients.

I also have spare baits for unforeseen circumstances. I have some of the best black bear habitat in Northwest Wisconsin mostly all on private land settings in A zones.

Gun or bow, my rates include baiting, stand placement, tracking, and getting your bear out of the woods and into a cooler.

Why make Jim Leahy Guide Service Your First Choice for Bear Hunting?

  • A limited number of hunters per week will ensure a high quality bear hunt for you. I focus on a quality hunts rather than quantity of hunters.
  • Bear territory management style: We have such expansive territory that we hunt different sections each week to preserve and grow our population. This practice guarantees all hunters fresh bait sites every week, not just the first week of the season.
  • Our bait recipe includes a variety of goodies that Black Bear love. We also use various scents for attractants.
  • Wisconsin bear hunts over bait in Sawyer ,Bayfield and Douglas county in both zones A and D.
  • We hunt on mostly private lands
  • Never overbooked
  • References from multiple repeat hunters provided pon request
  • Recovery and help bagging that northern Wisconsin Black Bear
  • We own a refrigeration unit to keep you game fresh from warm temperatures and allow you to freeze your game before the trip home.
  • Jim is a Hayward local that makes his fishing and hunting guide business year round, Jim does not live out of state (except for a short spell in the winter) and does not run the Bear Hunting Guide business as a hobby.

Full Bear Hunt Guide Service

  • 6 day Bear hunt
  • Advance preparation of stands for your hunt
  • Advance and active bear baiting for your stand
  • Full briefing about the hunt, and about your specific stand
  • Transportation each day to and from the hunting grounds
  • Ready access to your guide by cell phone if needed before pick-up time
  • Tracking and recovering of your game
  • Assistance in field recovering, dressing , and cooling in my walk in cooler,

Bear Hunting Season

Black Bear hunting in Wisconsin season(s) begin in early September and run until mid October. We hunt on miles of prime Black Bear habitat. We can assure that you will be hunting over an active site regardless of which season you hunt.

Black Bear Hunting (and fishing) is my life at Jim Leahy Guide Service. It is not a seasonal sideline. It has been my livelihood for over thirty years that shapes my attitude toward both our hunters and the game we hunt.

Prime Black Bear Habitat with Controlled Access. Your bear hunts will be deep in the most productive habitat in the Upper Midwest. Our territories in Northern Wisconsin cover mostly private land. All this land has controlled access which is an unparalleled benefit for Jim’s hunting guests.

Jim has hunted these lands since the 1970’s. Jim knows the habitat, and he knows the black bears habits and patterns within it.

The black bear in the area you hunt is under-hunted, resulting in a stable bear population, with many stands having multiple bears visiting them.

Unsurpassed opportunity to hunt a Trophy Bear in Northern Wisconsin

Jim strives to consistently give his hunters the shooting opportunities expected of a truly world-class hunting outfitter. This requires knowledge, skill, effort, advance preparation, and experience.

Bear hunting (and summer fishing) is Jim’s life, so no matter how you cut it, a part time guide can not give a full time commitment.

Jim’s highly processed baits have incredible drawing power. They are continually adjusted as bear feeding preferences change. Your bait site, stand and blind are precisely positioned and meticulously maintained only after our careful study of prevailing winds, terrain, and game patterns.