My Bear Hunt takes place on mostly private land over baited stands in zones D & A. I allow a limited number of hunters to assure a quality hunt. Bear baiting requires a lot of work over a 3-month period. I place all my baits out in June. By doing this I not only get a jump on the baiting, but I attract the boars that are out looking for sows since June is their mating period. This allows for multiple bears at each site. By putting my baits out earlier than most guides hunters, I can get the bear in a good routine and assure a hot bait for my clients. I work hard to provide a successful quality hunt. I am an avid hunter myself, so I realize how important getting a permit is and work hard to make the most out of each hunt for my clients. I also have spare baits for unforeseen circumstances. I have some of the best black bear habitat in Northwest Wisconsin all on private land settings in A and D zones. Gun or bow, my rates include baiting, stand placement, tracking, and getting your bear out of the woods and into a cooler.